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We offer very competitive rates for our Certificate of Deposit savings products. We can help you save for your future, save for college or save for a rainy day!

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CD Account Features

  • Interest compounds daily
  • Interest is paid monthly and may be:
    • Added back to the certificate or;
    • Deposited to an account
  • Minimum deposit to open CD - $10,000
  • Substantial penalty for early withdrawal

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IRA Account Features

  • Same rate and maturity options as CD’s
  • 1 Year Variable Rate IRA CD also available
  • Interest is credited to the IRA account monthly
  • Flexible retirement distributions available
  • No penalty for retirement withdrawal distributions

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APY is an abbreviation for Annual Percentage Yield.
All rates shown are in effect on the date viewed. Rates may change as early as the next day.

Current Rates

Current Rates

Find rates for personal and business deposit accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). Rate information is updated regularly, but rates may vary.

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