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The Kingwood MINT

Jose Diosdado

SVP, Senior Commercial Loan Officer

 281-359-6468 x1107

Gerardo Jasso

AVP, Commercial Loan Officer

 281-359-6468 x1113

Erin Noel

AVP, Commercial Banking Officer

 281-359-6468 x1108

Irene King

Executive Commercial Lending Assistant

 281-359-6468 x1202

Juan Guerrero

Treasury Management Sales Officer

 281-359-6468 x1116

Colleen Ingolia

Branch Manager

 281-359-6468 x1106

Johnny Calderon

Lobby Services Specialist

 281-359-6468 x1203

Tiffany Howard

Lobby Services Specialist

 281-359-6468 x1209

The International MINT

Ringo Kwan

SVP, Senior Commercial Loan Officer

 281-359-6468 x1118

Jia (Sandy) Chen

Executive Assistant

 281-359-6468 x1117

The Woodlands MINT

Luis Deleza

SVP, Senior Commercial Loan Officer

 281-359-6468 x1130

Colleen McGrath

VP, SBA Underwriter

 281-359-6468 x1131

Gina Aguilar

AVP, Executive Lending Assistant

 281-359-6468 x1132

The Memorial MINT

Alan Croley

SVP, Senior Commercial Loan Officer

 281-359-6468 x1140

Janet Sefcik

Executive Lending Assistant

 281-359-6468 x1141

Administrative Offices

David Bubier

Chairman & CEO

 281-359-6468 x1103

Jeffrey Worstell


 281-359-6468 x1206

Brad Fuentes

EVP, Chief Credit Officer

 281-359-6468 x1115

Chip Kerrigan

EVP, Chief Operations Officer

 281-359-6468 x1112

Travis Williams

EVP, Chief Financial Officer

 281-359-6468 x1214

Shirley Hargrove

SVP, IT Officer

 281-359-6468 x1109

Rhonda Wallis

SVP, Loan Administration Manager

 281-359-6468 x1105

Teea Blair

SVP, Senior Operations Officer

 281-359-6468 x1205

Carmen Bates

SVP, Controller

 281-359-6468 x1207

Mike Long

SVP, Senior Credit Officer

 281-359-6468 x1217

Dean Zieschang

SVP, Senior Commercial Loan Officer

 281-359-6468 x1218

Joel Byrd

VP, Operations Officer

 281-359-6468 x1208

Brandi Gourley

VP, Loan Administration Officer

 281-359-6468 x1104

Ayisha Tauqir

VP, SBA Portfolio Servicing Officer

 281-359-6468 x1220

Susie Rebollar

AVP, Loan Administration Officer

 281-359-6468 x1110

Austin Keen

AVP, Treasury Management Officer

 281-359-6468 x1201

Brooke White

AVP, Senior Credit Analyst

 281-359-6468 x1102

Kassandra Johnson

AVP, Loan Administration Officer

 281-359-6468 x1214

Michelle Gardner

Credit Analyst

 281-359-6468 x1151

Maulin Patel

Credit Analyst

 281-359-6468 x1124

Adam Manzano

Credit Analyst

 281-359-6468 x1210

Gordon Berlin

IT Support Specialist

 281-359-6468 x1212

Tammy Hall

Operations Analyst

 281-359-6468 x1219

Cy Clark

SVP & Special Assets Group Officer

 281-359-6468 x1223

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