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Letter to Our Valued Customers Regarding COVID-19

The MINT National Bank takes a broad approach to business/service continuity, including potential effects of an outbreak such as COVID-19. The Bank has a comprehensive business continuity program, which includes pandemic preparedness. We test and prepare annually for pandemic issues such as this.

While the MINT puts the safety and well-being of its customers and employees at the utmost priority; our goal is to ensure our valued customers continue to receive our high level of service.

The Bank employs a security and safety-first approach to our employees while continuing to serve our customers. Heightened awareness is in place to keep servicing our customer needs as expected. Here is part of what we have in place:

  • We are closely monitoring the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and other strategic agencies for information to help us make informed decisions regarding this virus; including how to minimize the effect to the Bank and service to our customers.
  • We have purchased additional supplies to maintain the health of our employees.
  • We have enacted a self-quarantine term if an employee traveled to a high-risk country or if they feel they have been exposed to the virus in their travels or daily routines.
  • Many of our employees can work remotely and have full access to Bank resources necessary to help our customers.
  • Employees are cross trained throughout our organization to help support our services in the event of a shortage of employees due to illness.

There are significantly more activities that relate to our business continuity efforts that are beyond the scope of this communication.

Minimize your risk of exposure and do your banking by using our online services which include:

We love to visit with our customers however, if you are sick, PLEASE STAY HOME so everyone will be safe!

For more information on COVID-19, including actions you can personally take to help stop the spread of respiratory diseases, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Click on this link to see the CDC's Share Facts about COVID-10.

We will continue to provide updates as necessary. Please contact us if we can be of help.


David A. Bubier
President & CEO

Customer Letter